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Cincinnati's Premiere Newborn, Baby, and Family Photographer

About me

Hi, I'm Lauren!

When you hire me to document your family, not only are you getting images that will last a lifetime, but you're also making a friend - me!   Creating relationships with my clients and watching kids grow up from behind my camera is my favorite part of this job.  Over the last ten years I've seen clients go from being tiny little squishy babies, to chunky toddlers, and to their first day of school and beyond.    I've seen families grow and change and it is my honor to be there for each new milestone.  I do not take the responsibility lightly and I love every minute of it!  

If I'm not in the studio getting tiny baby snuggles or toddler high-fives, you might find me on the football field.  Between my 15 year old son playing his mellophone in the marching band and my 9 year old son playing football, we spend a lot of time in the stadium. I volunteer on the photo corps with the William Mason High School band. Photographing bands makes my former band-geek self very happy and I love being able to use my talents to give back to the community.    In my rare downtime, I am a total book worm.  If you ever need a book recommendation, my inbox is always open!  

These three kids are the reason I do any of this.  I went to college and graduated with a teaching degree, but after teaching for several years I knew I wanted to be able to spend more time with my own kids.  Being a photographer allows me the flexibility to be a mom first.  My kids are getting older and are much more independent now (unless they need a ride somewhere!), but it makes me appreciate my tiny clients that much more.  These three also make me painfully aware of how fast time flies.  I find myself looking back at pictures of them as babies and toddlers and I can hardly remember those days.  My pictures of them are some of my biggest treasures.  Providing those treasures for other families makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 

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